Mastering Lead Integration: How Twister Automation Transformed KunPlast’s Indiamart Engagement

From Indiamart to WhatsApp: A Case Study on Elevating Efficiency and Customer Engagement in the Construction Safety Industry


KunPlast, a prominent player in the construction safety product industry, specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products, including road safety equipment, construction safety gear, and PVC profiles. As a growing business, KunPlast faced a pressing challenge in managing incoming leads generated from Indiamart, a popular B2B platform. They sought an efficient solution to integrate these leads into their WhatsApp account while enhancing lead tracking and engagement.

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Client Background

KunPlast has been a trusted name in the construction safety product industry for over a decade. Their commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable products has earned them a strong foothold in the market. However, the influx of Indiamart leads presented a challenge in terms of effective lead management and response time.


KunPlast faced several challenges in managing Indiamart leads:

  1. Lead Integration: The manual process of importing Indiamart leads into their WhatsApp account was time-consuming and prone to errors.
  2. Lack of Lead Tracking: There was no centralized system to track and monitor the status of leads, leading to missed opportunities.
  3. Inefficient Communication: The absence of a streamlined communication channel made it difficult to engage with leads effectively.
  4. Lead Categorization: Differentiating between product inquiries, price inquiries, and location-specific queries was a labor-intensive task.


Twister Automation provided a comprehensive solution to address KunPlast’s challenges:

  1. Lead Integration Software: Twister Automation developed software that seamlessly integrated Indiamart leads into KunPlast’s WhatsApp account within the same platform.
  2. Customized Chatbots: Customized Indiamart-related chatbots were designed to engage with leads, provide relevant information, and answer common queries.
  3. WhatsApp Broadcast: The system allowed KunPlast to broadcast messages to all their customers via WhatsApp for mass communication.
  4. Pipeline Management: Different pipelines and stages were created to manage various types of Indiamart queries effectively.
  5. Tagging System: A tagging system was implemented to categorize leads based on their nature, such as product inquiries, pricing inquiries, or location-specific leads.



Software Integration: Twister Automation seamlessly integrated the lead management software with KunPlast's WhatsApp account.


Chatbot Development: Customized chatbots were developed and integrated into the system for improved lead engagement.


User Training: KunPlast's sales and support teams underwent training to utilize the new system effectively.

Mastering Lead Integration: How Twister Automation Transformed KunPlast’s Indiamart Engagement
Mastering Lead Integration: How Twister Automation Transformed KunPlast’s Indiamart Engagement
Mastering Lead Integration: How Twister Automation Transformed KunPlast’s Indiamart Engagement
Mastering Lead Integration: How Twister Automation Transformed KunPlast’s Indiamart Engagement


The implementation of Twister Automation’s solution yielded substanstial results for KunPlast:


Efficiency: The automated lead integration and management process reduced manual effort and errors significantly.


Improved Lead Tracking: KunPlast could now track and monitor the status of leads in real-time, leading to faster response times.


Enhanced Customer Engagement: Customized chatbots improved lead engagement and provided relevant information promptly.


Effective Communication: WhatsApp broadcast allowed for mass communication, further enhancing customer outreach.


Streamlined Categorization: The tagging system simplified lead categorization and prioritization.


The transformation brought about by Twister Automation’s solution underscored the importance of technology in lead management and customer engagement. KunPlast’s ability to respond swiftly to leads and engage effectively significantly improved their conversion rates and customer satisfaction.



User Interaction



Lessons Learned

This case study emphasizes the importance of automation and integration in streamlining lead management. Key takeaways include the benefits of centralized systems, customized chatbots, and effective communication channels.

Client Testimonial

“Twister Automation has revolutionized our lead management process. Their solution has saved us time, improved our response rate, and helped us engage with our customers more effectively. We couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Juzer, Founder at KunPlast


KunPlast’s collaboration with Twister Automation resulted in a significant enhancement of lead management efficiency. By seamlessly integrating Indiamart leads into their WhatsApp account, implementing customized chatbots, and streamlining lead categorization, KunPlast improved customer engagement and conversion rates. This case study demonstrates how technology-driven solutions can empower businesses to excel in competitive markets.

Next Steps

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