WhatsApp Automation: Top 5 Advantages to Automate your WhatsApp for Business

Instant messages and responses are what your customers want, of course, no one likes to wait for hours and hours for a piece of information that can be delivered quickly.  The data states that if you take time to respond, your customers will likely shift toward your competitors, who will eventually respond quicker.

This will cost you sales revenue and interaction you may lose just because your messages aren’t quick. You can save time, interaction, and money if you use automation in messaging. WhatsApp is a popular communication app around the world, businesses invest in WhatsApp automation to help them to communicate more effectively.

Today, WhatsApp has become the most popular application for instant messaging. The business version of the app has revolutionized how companies interact with their clients. Customers can easily contact their favourite companies and find solutions to their issues thanks to the WhatsApp business platform, which eliminates the need for them to stand in line or make endless phone calls. WhatsApp Business API feature has given businesses some magical features like WhatsApp template messages, bulk messaging, shared team inbox, and not to forget WhatsApp Automation.


Understanding WhatsApp Business Automation:

When a company’s sales and marketing activities involve sending out mass messages, alerts, notifications, sharing offers and discounts, or making significant statements, automation is essential. When you have too many contacts to manage, automation can be beneficial.

WhatsApp automation is the process of using software tools to automate particular tasks or interactions, mostly business-customer communication on WhatsApp. Businesses use it to improve productivity, personalize experiences for customers, and streamline customer communications.

Automated messages on WhatsApp are pre-written responses to messages from new or current users. There is no need for human involvement because the responses get sent automatically. This feature allows you to reply to customer messages even when the office is closed. Customers’ experiences with your brand will be improved and made better by how quickly and effectively your company responds to their inquiries.

WhatsApp noticed that many transactions took place solely through the app. And with that being observed, WhatsApp released its business version with more features. The business is mainly used by sectors like e-commerce, banking, and healthcare to automate their messages to the clients who reach them.

Automate messages are generally like this:

  • Sending notifications and alerts.
  • Marketing strategy automation.
  • Handling client service and having initial conversations.

Over 2 billion people globally use WhatsApp. This number is huge for businesses seeking to reach potential customers directly. WhatsApp helps businesses maintain and strengthen customer relationships by bringing a sense of closeness and confidence.


Why WhatsApp for Business Automation?

Globally speaking, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the majority of nations. Additionally, despite worries that users wouldn’t appreciate companies “invading” WhatsApp, the reactions are overwhelmingly positive due to the extreme ease.

Customers value quick replies, being unconstrained by business hours, being able to send and receive media files, having personalized conversations, and many other things.

WhatsApp offers a strong channel with a broad reach and developing business-friendly features if you’re looking to automate your business operations.


Advantages of using Automation in Business:

Businesses can manage the communication aspect of WhatsApp automation with ease.

1. Customer Engagement:

The personalization of a product or service makes consumers feel valued. Automation can create personalized customer experiences by delivering specific notifications and offers based on their interests and behaviour.


2. Flexibility:

By enabling companies to respond to numerous client inquiries and requests, WhatsApp automation increases scalability. For instance, businesses can automate WhatsApp reminders to quickly react to clients and address issues, giving them a sense of support.


3. Effectiveness:

Businesses can improve their productivity as well as effectiveness by automating tasks. In this manner, businesses can concentrate on other important aspects of their business. For instance, WhatsApp automation enables home bakers to communicate about their cake prices, flavours, additional items they bake, and others. Time is saved, and client satisfaction is increased.


4. Smooth conversation:

By enabling companies to create personalized messages and communicate them to large audiences at once, WhatsApp automation speeds up and improves the power of conversations. This enhances the speed of response, lowers errors, and boosts participation. Businesses can also keep note of and analyse customer interactions, which helps them adapt future interactions to individual customers’ needs.


5. Saves time and money:

Many businesses need to catch up on managing redundant procedures better. By lowering human wages and streamlining processes, automation aids in the financial savings of these companies.


Automate Tasks on WhatsApp Automation: 

WhatsApp is one of the primary channels worldwide to communicate with your customers. Let us jump into knowing how you can use WhatsApp Automation in your Business favour.


1. Greetings Messages to New Customers:

Attracting customers is the first move for any company, followed by converting them. WhatsApp Automation can be a useful tool for businesses trying to make an impactful first move. Businesses can simply keep track of and prioritize these conversations by grouping new customer chats into a separate tab. To welcome new clients while making them feel valued, personalizing messaging by creating a greeting message from a template is a solid approach. A WhatsApp greeting message must contain information about the company and its products and services.


2. Follow Up with each customer reaching out to you:

Missed follow-ups affect the customers as well as the companies. Notifying customers of their appointments, new product launches, sale, new office, updated services, and other important information becomes important for the industry. This promotes healthier business relationships with customers.


3. Notify them of Discounts & Offers:

Offers and discounts are excellent ways to draw in and attract a lot of potential clients. With so much competition and frequent market changes, you’d want your sales staff to accomplish more in less period. In situations like this, WhatsApp automation can be a useful tool for promoting sales and deals.

Businesses can personalize the messages they send to their customers about discounts and offers by categorizing customer chats into distinct pages based on their demographics and creating messaging templates for each tab.


4. WhatsApp Campaign:

Marketing campaigns are essential for company expansion. Businesses can build excellent WhatsApp campaigns to reach their target audience using WhatsApp automation. Based on various demographics, hobbies, or behaviours, it divides chats into various tabs. Based on their criteria, businesses can start their first campaign.

You can run the second phase of the campaign and sort individuals who show an interest in your product or service within a tab. To make sure that no lead is overlooked, you can also group unanswered chats into follow-up chats and transmit a templated follow-up using the broadcast feature. As a result, WhatsApp marketing management can be simplified and made more efficient, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.


5. Create Notes for Team members:

One of the most essential aspects of business communication is informing the team of significant customer issues. This needs to go smoothly and promptly.  Without manually reaching out and directing a user to a particular customer chat, WhatsApp Automation enables teams to make notes and share essential information within WhatsApp. Using tags, you can make team members aware of the note and make it simple for them to see it and react.

Team members can now concentrate on other important duties because manual communication is eliminated, saving time. Teams can more easily keep track of important information thanks to these notes’ easy searchability and accessibility.



Your Business Needs WhatsApp Automation. Be it a small firm or a large organization, people want that their queries to get solved instantly and what’s better than having WhatsApp Automation that automatizes your messages according to the customer base and on which phase the customer presently is.

There are various benefits of getting WhatsApp Automation. You can have WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API. Generally, WhatsApp Business API will function with a third party say Twister Automation will set a path for your messages and customer base so that you have a plan of who are new customers, who are potential customers, what products they want, and more in a pipeline format.

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