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Transform WhatsApp into a powerful channel for earning revenue. View conversations with potential customers as a visual pipeline, track business relationships from stage to stage and power up communications with automation tools like Salesbot.

Unified inbox with WhatsApp
in a single app

Kommo is a communication hub for all your valuable business conversations. Each potential customer gets their own full-featured profile where you can communicate with them using your favorite channels: phone, SMS, email or messengers like WhatsApp.

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Whats App CRM

WhatsApp for Sales


WhatsApp’s clean minimalism was built for casual chatting, not juggling valuable sales conversations. Power-up your WhatsApp for sales with Kommo — a platform built to manage all the steps of transforming potential customers into paying customers.

With Kommo, you can organize potential customers in a board-like view, categorize them with tags, send automatic follow-ups and more. Plus, once they buy, Kommo’s Customer Pipeline provides tools like NPS (Net Promoter Score) for building loyalty and driving repeat purchases.

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Whats App CRM
WhatsApp for Teams


When it comes to using WhatsApp for teams, things can get confusing fast: separate phone numbers, different devices… it’s a headache. That’s why Kommo lets all team members share a single WhatsApp account.

And don’t worry about digging through conversations that aren’t yours — in Kommo, you only get notified about the leads assigned to you. However, if you do need a helping hand, you can chat with your teammates right inside the lead card.

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Whats App CRM
WhatsApp for Managers


Still don’t know whether anyone responded to that new potential customer? In Kommo, managers don’t need to wonder — you can easily create and view tasks, open up any lead profile to see the full story and measure performance with our reporting tools.

As an admin, you also can grant permissions individually or by team, ensuring that each user only has access to what you choose.

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Whats App CRM
Templates for WhatsApp


When it comes to selling, speed is everything. Accelerate your response speed with our built-in WhatsApp templates. You can automatically send messages based on triggers such as reaching a particular pipeline stage. Or grab a template while you’re chatting — just start typing, and it will pop-up instantly. The best part? You can personalize templates with info from the lead’s profile, so no message ever feels robotic.

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Whats App CRM
Chatbot for WhatsApp


Building a chatbot for WhatsApp doesn’t have to be hard. Our no-code Sales bot builder makes it easy to create a bot that can collect information from potential clients, fill in their profiles, launch automatic actions and so much more.

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Whats App CRM
More than 50k businesses rely on Kommo


Take control of your WhatsApp sales

  • See all potential customers in your WhatsApp CRM pipeline
  • Automatically send new chats to the sales pipeline🔥 HOT
  • Stay organized with profiles for each potential customer
  • Label potential customers with tags

Communicate faster and better

  • Communicate in the lead card — no switching apps!
  • Messengers, SMS, live chat, email & phone🔥 HOT
  • Personalized email & WhatsApp templates
  • Send emails & WhatsApp messages automatically
  • WhatsApp chatbot with AI intention detection🔥 HOT

Manage your team

  • Create and manage tasks
  • Set goals & measure WhatsApp performance
  • Assign a responsible user to each lead
  • Control access for users & teams
  • Share WhatsApp access with the whole team🔥 HOT
  • Chat with colleagues inside the lead profile

Keep customers coming back

  • Track existing customers in the Customer Pipeline
  • Build loyalty and upsell with WhatsApp CRM follow-ups
  • Measure satisfaction with NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Offer unparalleled support with live chat🔥 HOT


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