WhatsApp Chatbots: Skyrocket your Business with WhatsApp Chatbot!

WhatsApp chatbots have elevated both large and small businesses to the level of life support. A low-risk, high-reward e-commerce approach for many organizations is interacting with customers on a messaging network with a maximum of two billion active users. WhatsApp is “like oxygen in some countries says Jan Koum.

You may automate your conversations with clients as one of the many things you can do with a WhatsApp business account. You may now respond to consumer inquiries on this popular messaging system, which also offers additional benefits.

WhatsApp chatbots are automated programs that engage with users over WhatsApp’s famous messaging platform using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

You may wonder, “Why WhatsApp bots?” In 2018, Forbes stated that within three months, people spent 85 billion hours using WhatsApp.

This number is enormous, especially considering that over the same period, 31 billion hours were spent on Facebook. Any marketer or salesman will tell you that meeting a potential client where they are and offering help will result in a more fruitful interaction. This is something that the WhatsApp bot makes simple to do.

With AI, marketers can use a WhatsApp bot to do more, like automate replies to frequent queries, deliver updates and offers, and interact more directly with customers.

At a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7%, the chatbot market size is anticipated to increase from $2.6 billion in 2019 to $9.4 billion by 2024.

Do you ever wonder why businesses spend so much money on chatbots? Because chatbots that are driven by AI may improve your marketing, sales, and customer service operations.


Benefits of Using WhatsApp Chatbots:


1. Provides a wider global reach:

Today, everyone has a mobile device, or WhatsApp, in their pocket. More than 2.4 billion active users talk to their friends and family every day. According to promotional statements from 2021, the network exchanges around 100 billion messages per day. This information demonstrates the WhatsApp chatbot’s functioning and reach. To get the most out of this software, join WhatsApp Chatbot users if you aren’t already one.


2. High Engagement:

Because they promote communication between users on many levels, WhatsApp bots have a high response rate. It is an interactive visual medium that encourages engagement through active participation since messages are sent back and forth. Instant replies enable consumers and the company to communicate in both directions. These back-and-forth responses show that clients may receive prompt answers to their questions.


3. High-security measures and constant accessibility:

WhatsApp is one of the most secure platforms in the world because of its end-to-end encryption. No one, not even WhatsApp, is permitted access to the conversations and transactions you exchange, according to WhatsApp. Only the receiver device can decode the encrypted data sent from the sender’s device. Customers may now communicate sensitive personal information with confidence thanks to this. OTPs, transactional updates, private information, sensitive information, and follow-up based on it can all be sent using WhatsApp.


4. Better Customer Support and Service:

You can create a WhatsApp bot that connects to your CRM and ERP to help your customers as they enter the sales funnel. You may easily persuade customers to buy your products and services by showcasing your company’s services and product catalogue with a WhatsApp chatbot. Customers are reminded, informed, and helped to reply in real time to queries and concerns by a WhatsApp bot. Customers will wait less often in line to speak with customer service agents thanks to, and they won’t have to click as many buttons to get through to the right department to handle their inquiries. Customers may also provide feedback, which the WhatsApp chatbot can classify and address as necessary.


5. Enhances Marketing Initiatives and Advertising Possibilities:

Since WhatsApp is an established marketing tool that is extensively used by most people, most businesses use it to spread the word to their clients worldwide about new product launches, new services, forthcoming events, and discount deals. The bot enables the addition of multimedia and offers a variety of formatting options, allowing the marketing team to be more imaginative with their campaigns. Businesses may analyse consumer data and provide personalized product and service suggestions by incorporating it into CRM.


6. Generating Quality Leads:

Lead creation is unquestionably an essential part of every marketer’s business growth strategy. All marketers and salespeople desire access to high-quality leads. With leads, you may save time and money by focusing your resources and efforts on good projects. This can be completed by the WhatsApp Chatbot! When a user approaches a WhatsApp Chatbot, the chatbot begins by asking relevant queries. The information on the kind of response and level of participation from the consumers may be used to identify potential leads. In the shortest amount of time, this will move potential leads through the marketing funnel.


7. Cost Effective:

The easy access to WhatsApp chatbots 24/7 removes the need for a full-time customer support agent. Bots can be programmed to answer more complicated inquiries, reducing the number of chatbot-to-human transfers, which many consumers find inconvenient and annoying. A team of customer service agents would be far more expensive to develop and manage than WhatsApp chatbots, especially when additional expenses such as health insurance and other benefits based on business policy are taken into account.


8. Increasing Brand Awareness and Loyalty to Create a Strong Brand Identity:

When a company provides its bot with a brand personality, this is achieved. This involves giving the bot with a human-like character that will resonate with users, make an impact, and foster loyalty. A well-established, powerful brand identity increases revenue by enhancing consumer involvement.


9. Effectively optimizing sales-related decisions:

Since WhatsApp bots provide immediate replies that help users locate products and find payment channels, they are the best platform for assisting clients along the sales funnel and towards making purchases. It facilitates the easy closure of transactions with clients


10. Allows businesses to gather data and feedback:

Bots that are linked with WhatsApp can be used to get consumer feedback and surveys. The majority of the information gathered by these bots is precise, useful, and suitable for lead creation. This is because WhatsApp bots use qualifying questions to engage with users in-depth before creating a list of just prospective leads.


11. Personalized experience:

Along with the mobility and user-friendliness of the WhatsApp Chatbot, a well-designed and trained chatbot can also attempt to replicate actual conversations. During these interactions, the chatbot can record user data and context and retrieve it when needed. With a high degree of customization, a chatbot that is highly contextual in its replies may now easily map out and respond to each of your unique users’ needs and behaviours.


12. Easy to Use:

Customers no longer need to download and install a separate program in order to access and use the bot because it is created on the already-existing WhatsApp platform. Since consumers are already familiar with the WhatsApp messaging network, they don’t need any training to communicate with the business bot. Customers using WhatsApp only need to talk with it like they would any other contact. Due to WhatsApp’s worldwide reach, companies may create customer-focused bots that appeal to a global clients.


Why Invest in WhatsApp Chatbots?

It’s the best messaging app in the world, therefore your business can benefit from it. Businesses are always focused on providing the finest service possible and are becoming more and more customer-centric. You may get to know your consumers better, understand their problems better, and use that information to your advantage by adding a chatbot to WhatsApp.

Take Advantage of this online platform to provide a self-care experience. That’s where clients may use a bot to assist them in solving their own difficulties. It also demonstrates that the business is one that makes bets on breakthroughs and new technology. It only works to your advantage because consumers are becoming more and more interested in technology. This channel rapidly reaches a wider spectrum of clients and potential customers because it is open to all users.


Wrapping It Up:

Companies nowadays are aware of how important it is to connect with clients where they are. Helping in the establishment of a steady and enduring relationship with your clients without requiring them to search you out on other platforms is one of the biggest benefits of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business chatbots. Businesses may reap the rewards of WhatsApp’s devoted audience base and increased engagement by creating a user-friendly chatbot. Your clients can receive better customer service than your competition when you use the correct chatbot platform to streamline customer care operations.

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