Importance of SMS Marketing Automation

Importance of SMS Marketing Automation

Marketing can be difficult, particularly when it comes to communicating with and analyzing clients. A growing number of marketers have advanced their text messaging tactics by integrating automation into their companies.

According to a recent survey, 63 percent of respondents stated they would genuinely switch to a business that provided text messaging as a means of communication. What makes using SMS marketing campaigns to reach customers a reliable strategy for enhancing your overall marketing efforts? Using these use cases and specimens of SMS marketing messages, you may connect with your clients by SMS in real time, wherever they are.

If you’re considering SMS marketing for your company, you’re probably a little confused and skeptical of all the hype about the channel in the marketing community.  Among the most intriguing outcomes are improvements in brand recognition, higher conversion rates, and consumer engagement levels.


What is SMS Marketing Automation?

SMS marketing is the process by which companies use text messaging to deliver news, updates, and promotional or transactional messages. You can automatically send messages to a person or group of people with the use of automation. Automated SMS marketing delivers timely, targeted messages without requiring you to perform a lot of manual labor, as contrast to typical SMS campaigns that you send to your contact list all at once.

For example, if you would like to thank someone for recently making a purchase from your brand. You can automatically create an SMS marketing campaign that delivers “drips” to your customers as a thank-you for their purchase along with other details about your business. If you texted a consumer every time, they made a purchase, it would be tiresome and ineffective.


Do SMS Marketing Really Work?

Promotional SMS messages were considered intrusive in the early 2000s, when texting was only becoming popular as a mode of communication. They have been unfairly singled out for spam emails and cold calls ever since.

Although SMS marketing has changed since then, many marketers are still concerned that implementing the strategy will irritate their clientele. Nobody wants to be associated with a company that engages in SMS spamming or inappropriate marketing communications.

However, you can use an SMS campaign to your advantage without upsetting or losing your target audience. Even though texting was once just another annoying marketing gimmick, it’s now rapidly taking over as consumers’ preferred method of communicating with brands. Actually, studies show that texting is a great channel for businesses to use, so if you haven’t started using SMS Marketing yet, you really should.


Benefits of SMS Marketing Automation:


1. Boost productivity within your team:

There’s no denying that sending text messages via manually might take a while, particularly if you have a big contact list. Aside from that, it might have a detrimental effect on the output of your group. Automation of SMS marketing allows for the timely and effective completion of more tasks. Your team won’t burn out and will be better able to concentrate on other activities as a result. Furthermore, according to projections from the McKinsey Institute, automating various processes can increase productivity growth to 1.4% annually.


2. Reduce the possibility of error:

Let’s say you send a new customer an incorrect name text message. What do you anticipate taking place? Customers can perceive your brand as irresponsible and unprofessional. That wouldn’t present an ideal image. Because automation allows you to review and double-check your communications before they go live, it lowers the possibility of errors.


3. Boost in customer engagement:

You have a better chance of sending your communications at the appropriate time when you use automation. In this case, the ideal moment may be when your client responds to your texts the most. Upon selecting “send,” your text message is sent immediately. An SMS marketing campaign can be set up to receive hundreds of clicks all at once. In addition, 90% of recipients of texts reply within the first three minutes. You may take use of this to give clients offers that have a deadline so they can notice them and respond to your intended call to action.


4. An opportunity to understand your clients’ tastes and preferences:

Automation of SMS marketing offers the chance to acquire superior client information. For instance, you can use text message surveys to gather more information about the requirements and preferences of your customers. It might not always be in your control, but the feedback could be either favorable or negative. It matters that you apply the data to enhance your marketing campaigns and client experience.


5. Promote to other marketing channels:

Access to other marketing channels, such as email and social media, can be enhanced with an automated SMS message. For instance, you could text your clients to invite them to participate in a special promotion or contest and include a link to your social media website.


Wrapping It Up:

Over 85% of the world’s population, or 6.9 billion people, has a smartphone. Furthermore, the majority of companies still under market to their mobile customers.

You can utilize this channel to deliver strategically timed dynamic discount codes, promote your loyalty programs, or enable two-way messaging when you require customer input. Sure, you don’t want to be intrusive with constant push alerts on mobile devices and waves of bothersome text messages.

An SMS message is considerably more likely to be opened by recipients than an email. You may unleash unrealized potential in your mobile audience by basing your SMS marketing strategy on human psychology, automation technology, data analysis, and respect for personal boundaries.

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