SMS Automation (Text Message Automation): How to Benefit it to Your Business?

SMS Automation:

SMS automation is changing the way organizations engage with their customers. Remembering to send SMS messages to your target audience can be a huge mental labor. If you don’t have an automated text message solution in place, employees are most certainly spending their time and energy sending out numerous business text messages one by one. Using manual communication will just confine you more by limiting your engagement to working hours. When the proper message is provided at the wrong moment, lead conversion becomes much more difficult.

Companies that react to potential consumers within an hour or fewer are seven times more likely to qualify for a lead, according to the Harvard Business Review. When someone expresses interest, you’ll need a speedier reaction time to seal the deal. In this case, SMS automation can help you get to the lead faster. While many businesses send one-time passwords and order confirmations through text messages, there is a better method to automate SMS for marketing, membership engagement campaigns, customer assistance, and lead nurturing.


What is SMS Automation?

The practice of automating the sending and receiving of text messages depending on specific events sent off by companies or customers is known as SMS automation, also known as text message automation. It works by applying time-saving techniques and equipment. For instance, you may use standard auto-reply text messages to notify customers that you have received their message and will be in touch with them shortly.


With the right SMS application, you can:

  • Online order confirmation
  • Sending greetings through text
  • Recovery of abandoned carts
  • Sending reminders for appointments
  • Sending promotional offers using drip campaigns
  • Sending automatic responses
  • Enhance workflow and processes
  • Increased rates of renewal and retention
  • Increase the number of qualifying leads generated.
  • Strengthen client connections
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Avoid doing things over and over again.
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Obtain relevant data and feedback.
  • Boost a company’s annual revenue


How Can Automated (SMS) Text Messaging Benefit My Business?

SMS automation can also be used to manage your company’s reputation. An active company with quick replies and excellent communication is demonstrated through prompt messaging, which enhances the client experience.

With text message automation, you may convert leads in a variety of ways. Customer follow-up techniques maintain touch with customers. A quick message encouraging them to look at the products still in their shopping basket or providing a unique discount code might turn them from a prospective customer to an engaged customer. You start to forge better connections with your audience as an outcome of your personalized and direct communication style.

Automated text messaging isn’t solely used for marketing purposes, though. This tool allows businesses to interact with a number of stakeholders, including clients, employees, and visitors. You may build up a timetable to automatically email reminders for meetings and appointments, keeping everyone informed at the right time and lowering the frequency of cancellations. It’s a great approach to keep things going smoothly in business.

Using SMS to communicate with employees can also improve your company’s productivity as a whole. It might be challenging to properly communicate with employees due to shifting responsibilities and a steady stream of communications. However, with text message solutions, personnel only need to check their phone, guaranteeing that everyone in the firm is notified.


  • Text Messages Are Effective

Statistics demonstrate that customers are responding favorably to the expansion of business text communication. According to G2, 83% of customers want text message reminders for appointments, and 85% of consumers prefer text messages to phone calls or emails. In actuality, SMS texting is more popular since it is practical and simple to track.

SMS automation simplifies the process of bulk messaging for SMS marketing, saving time for all parties involved. It makes use of one of the most dependable and cost-effective communication methods, and with high levels of engagement, there is no better way to reach out to your audience.


  • Automation Procedures

To send out automated text messages, a variety of events are available. The following are some of the several methods that a bulk text might be planned in advance:


Contact-based – You may set up messages to be sent to new customers at any moment after they add their phone numbers to your contact list. Use the contacts at your fingertips to maximize your text message marketing strategy, but keep it memorable.


Time-based – Text messages may be sent at predetermined intervals. This may be used to set up recurring reminders for crucial monthly meetings that all team members need to be present for. They can use the text to refresh their memories and make sure they don’t forget any crucial information.


Inbound – As soon as a message is received, set up pre-written messages to be sent out. This is advantageous when a client contacts customer assistance. You may inform them that their SMS has been received and is being investigated shortly after it comes in. Despite being a key element in client retention, receiving inbound communication is not always an option with SMS providers.


  • Automated text message queries using CRM tools

CRM stands for customer relationship management for those who are unfamiliar. These tools assist you in classifying your customers as possible leads, tracking the customer journey, and other tasks that improve your understanding of your customers.

You may keep in touch with your clients at all times by using automated messages when combined with CRM solutions. By combining the two, you may execute two-factor authentication and PIN codes, send bulk text marketing campaigns, engage with customers straight from your CRM, and send SMS messages as part of your sales process.


  • Analyses the stages of the customer journey

SMS automation is one of the greatest techniques to comprehend where your consumer is in the sales process. You can use this knowledge to your advantage and send customized SMS if you know where your consumer is at. Businesses may put thoughtful plans into action and communicate in ways that strengthen customer relationships.

For instance, the automatic message is sent out as soon as a customer enters your website or logs in using their mobile information, and the same procedure continues throughout their cycle. They receive an automatic SMS after each transaction. Or they receive a second SMS when they neglect to put anything in the cart. You can also send them automated messages to remind them to renew their subscriptions or to check out the app since it has great deals.


  • Automating SMS to reduce risk

With SMS automation, you can manage stock level thresholds, technical issues, and the disclosure of sensitive data, among many other business hazards. Therefore, system-generated text messages that keep an eye on business applications can send out SMS warnings when business rules are broken or crises occur. For instance, if the business is momentarily suspending a service, they can SMS all of its clients to avoid the danger of losing them.

In addition to this, SMS automation may be used to improve security and lower the danger of internet hacking, as was already indicated. You may use it to handle two-factor authentication (2FA) automatically for simple website login in or when clients are distant.


Wrapping it Up:

39% of clients prefer texting over other forms of contact, and 98% of texts are viewed. If you own a company, you cannot afford to ignore this medium. When you automate texting, you can plan while still being available to your customers whenever they need you. It is a fantastic method to build a strong bond with the client and increase their level of comfort doing business with you.

By communicating with and valuing your clients, SMS marketing may help you grow sales. Text message sending is a time-consuming operation, therefore automating it might save you time. Additionally, it saves money because there is no need to pay a worker whose sole responsibility it is to send out messages on a regular basis. Your SMS marketing will be more successful and efficient if you employ SMS automation. Additionally, it enables you to reach out to more individuals, which boosts sales.

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